• Image of $25 Vinyl 4-Banger Warehouse Clearance Sale

We have been cleaning our warehouse, getting ready for a big move, and we've stumbled on some surplus stock and want to pass some major vinyl savings on to you! 4 long-playing brand-new mint-condition records for $25!

The 4 records will be chosen randomly from the list below. A lot of these will be limited-edition color copies while others will be black. But it will all be a surprise. A wonderful, beautiful musical surprise!

***Limit 1. No special requests please.

The Entrance Band - Face The Sun
Ancient Ocean - Blood Moon
Dire Wolves - Excursions to Cloudland
Heaters - Matterhorn
Joel Gion - s/t
Bart De Paepe - Pagus Wasiae
Eerie Wanda - Hum
Drakkar Nowhere - s/t
New Electric Ride - Balloon Age
Chocolat - Rencontrer Looloo
Prince Rupert's Drops - Climbing Light
Montibus Communitas - The Pilgrim to the Absolute
Sam Kogon - Psychic Tears
Midday Veil - This Wilderness
Coke Weed - Mary Weaver
Velcro Lewis Group - Open the Sky