• Image of BBiB 2018 Jamscription

Introducing...The BBiB 2018 JAMSCRIPTION!!!

(Btw, amazing Jamscription art by Dawn Aquarius)

Our Jamscription service is better than ever! We will have 6 or 7 vinyl releases in 2018, which will include new long-players from Heaters, Kiki Pau (what?!), Bart DePaepe (aka Bart Sloow), Bong Wish, Our Solar System and more! And we have a couple KILLER surprises up our sleeves too.

[First of all, if you're a Bandcamp user, you may want subscribe there if you dig the platform like we do.]

Two Jamscription options:

- There's the standard Jamscription (which many of you might already be familiar with from previous years), which includes all vinyl releases (limited-edition versions) and exclusive posters...and no shipping fees in the U.S. This tier does not include any cassette releases. And FYI, the first release of the year will be some supreme cosmic guitar magic on cassette/digi.

- And secondly, there's the Super Beyond tier, which gets you everything from the other tiers PLUS: the new Beyond Your Face t-shirt (pictured to the right), any cassette releases, all releases also on CD (if there is also a CD version of the particular release), any other merch that we make throughout the year, and your selection of 3 records from our back catalog!

So get on board and take the stairway to the stars with us, by way of the 2018 Jamscription!

**Please note: In order to make shipping costs lower, we will send orders in 3-4 shipments throughout the year, which will at least include 2 releases per shipment.