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Get any 6 BBiB Records releases from 2012- 2016 delivered to your door. Choose from any of our in-print vinyl titles.
Catch up on the BBiB Records backstory for just $95:

In-print BBiB titles (just enter the 6 titles in the Note To Seller box in Paypal at checkout):

+ Chocolat "Rencontrer Looloo" LP (alien-green specked vinyl)

+ Sam Kogon "Psychic Tears" LP (opaque yellow vinyl)

+ Drakkar Nowhere s/t LP (crystal-clear vinyl)

+ Heaters "Baptistina" LP (black vinyl)

+ The Myrrors "Entranced Earth" LP (black vinyl)

+ Eerie Wanda "Hum" LP (Royal blue & bone splatter vinyl)

+ Sundays & Cybele's "Heaven" LP (Jamscriber-only limited-edition splatter vinyl)

+ Heaters' "Mean Green" 7-inch (green vinyl)

+ Ancient Ocean's "Blood Moon" LP (blood red vinyl)

+ Midday Veil's "This Wilderness" LP (slate grey vinyl)

+ Heaters' "Holy Water Pool" (black vinyl)

+ Coke Weed's "Mary Weaver" LP (white vinyl)

+ Velcro Lewis Group's "Open The Sky" LP (black vinyl)

+ The Entrance Band's "Face The Sun" LP (Sun-colored vinyl)

+ New Electric Ride's "Balloon Age" LP (Skyscape colored vinyl)

+ Kikagaku Moyo's "Forest of Lost Children" LP (3rd pressing splatter vinyl)

+ Montibus Communitas' "The Pilgrim to the Absolute" LP (clear vinyl)

+ Prince Rupert's Drops' "Climbing Light" LP (oxblood vinyl)

+ Lumerians' "Transmissions From Telos Vol. III" (black vinyl distro title)