• Image of MMOSS & QUILT - 'New Hampshire Freaks' cassette (re-press)
  • Image of MMOSS & QUILT - 'New Hampshire Freaks' cassette (re-press)

Original release date: 4/23/13

Cassette re-press: 2/19/16

This was BBiB's 4th release way back in April of 2013! First released on 10" vinyl (300 olive/bone half & half, 200 black), then a run of 100 tapes with green cassette shells. And now this, right in time for Quilt's "Plaza" tour, a new pressing of 100 cassettes, this time with red shells.

It wound up being the last thing that MMOSS ever released. The Doug Tuttle-penned "Nothing Left" is beautifully foreboding. Quilt's "Open Eyes" bridges the gap between the Quilt of now and yesterday. The vocal harmonies are luxurious and the playful groove lent itself to becoming a great jam vehicle for Quilt's live shows. Then MMOSS & Quilt come together for the 14+ minutes of the drone meditation, "Sandy". Is it already time for shavasana? Yes it is, relax.

The majority of these cassettes will be out on tour with Quilt so get one personally from the band when you see them. OR if you don't plan to see them, then grab one here! We'll be happy to send it to you!